Additional Services

Foot care treatment (30 minutes) - $35.00

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A foot care treatment may be added on to any facial treatment. We begin by exfoliating the feet followed by a foot massage with our rejuvenating foot care cream, which includes a combination of sweet almond oil and shea butter to nourish and hydrate. This treatment nourishes and rebuilds the foot’s natural protective barrier as well as strengthening the nails. We then wrap the feet in warm herbal booties for deep penetration of foot care treatment cream. Feet are renewed and more youthful.

Foot Peeling Treatment (45 minutes) - $40.00

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This foot treatment will have your feet looking smooth and rejuvenated after just one treatment

Radiant Hands (30 minutes) - $35.00

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Hands are often one of the first places where our skin begins to reveal sun and environmental damage. Which is why we designed this hand treatment with that in mind. Cleansing and warm towels are followed by a peel for removal of Sun spots, and the revealing a radiant new skin beneath. Finished with a relaxing hand massage, and sun protection.

Basic Make-up Application (45 minutes) - $45.00

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Eye Lifting Treatment (30 minutes) - $50.00

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This eye lifting treatment uses galvanic current to help recused the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.


Eyelash Extensions (2 hours) - $200.00

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Semi-permanent, synthetic fibers that are applied strand by strand with special formulated non-irritating glue to your natural lash to enhance your eye shape. Perfect for holiday's, events, and everyday wear. Customizable to client desire look.

Brow Lamination w/ Tinting (45 minutes) - $100

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Brow lamination is a semi-permanent, noninvasive procedure that temporarily adjusts the direction of the natural brow pattern for a fuller and fluffier stylistic appearance. Result last up 4-6 weeks.

Microblading (2 hours)

Session 1: $500

Session 6-8 week touch up: $150

1-2 year touch up: $250

A semi-permanent to permanent cosmetic procedure to enhance the appearance of your brows. This is a two session process. Your initial session, where your brows are first applied, will take no more than two hours. The finishing touch-up procedure, taking up to one hour, will be scheduled for 6-8 weeks later. During this final visit your brows will be perfected, and finished. You should not need another touch up for 1-2 years.