All Skin Types Facials

Roman Deluxe Signature Facial

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  • 90 minutes $145.00

Designed to correct skin imbalances such as oiliness, dehydration, redness and other skin problems as a result of stress, environmental changes, diet, etc.

Detoxygene Facial

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  • 50 minutes $140.00
Détoxygène treatment reawakens the skin in just 50 minutes. The skin will appear radiant, fresh, smooth

and supple after the first treatment.

Hydradermie Facial

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  • 50 minutes $150.00

This exclusive, 50-minute patented Guinot treatment transmits energy to the skin to ensure quick and effective results. The new machine utilizes specific serums targeted for different skin types to help your clients achieve their individual beauty objectives. This treatment also incorporates oxygenation by thermal effect. This innovative heated electrode is calibrated to react with the OZ2 cream to boost the oxygenation of the skin.


Sensitive Skin Treatment With Stem Cells

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  • 90 minutes - $160.00

The unique stem cell blend has the ability to rejuvenate aging skin and replace damaged cells, resulting in a more youthful and radiant appearance.

Kiss of Rose Facial  

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  • 90 minutes $160.00

Your skin craves calming, soothing, nourishing and hydration year round. Combined with super-concentrated microalgae, this treatment restores elasticity, and keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay all while brightening the skin. While the active part of the organic white rose helps to naturally support cell regeneration and strength the skin's barrier.