Betty Roman

Betty has been a practicing esthetician for thirty years and spa owner for twenty-five years, having opened Cary, North Carolina's premier day spa in 1991. Romàn Skin and Body Care recently celebrated their 25th year. Anniversary with a celebration and a featured article in the Cary News and News and Observer.She was born in North Carolina and raised in Georgia, and since a very young age Betty was always interested in the world of beauty, especially as it pertained to skin care. This was due in part by her own skin issues as a teen and young adult. She completed her initial training from a private skin care institute located in the Washington, D.C. area. She then took the knowledge she gained from the skin care institute and went on to pursue the prestigious international CIDESCO Diploma. She also trained in Paris, France, which helped shaped her skin care philosophy she follows today. After completing her training she began her mission of helping to forge a path toward separate skin care licensing for the state of North Carolina.

As a pioneer, she co-founded the North Carolina Esthetician Association (NCEA) with the sole purpose of obtaining licensing thus creating a higher standard for the professional skin care industry. Over the years she was the spokesperson for NCEA. Betty, along with others, lobbied for ten years to finally see the passage of a Bill through the House of Representatives and Senate in 1998, and was honored with one of North Carolina's first esthetician licenses. However, she did not stop there. She continued to work with her State Board of Cosmetic Art as an instructor for continuing education, examiner, and curriculum developer. Her knowledge and expertise helped lay the foundation for professional skin care in the state of North Carolina. Over the years Betty has never left her first love---lending her experience, knowledge and expertise to help women, men and teens achieve healthy, beautiful skin.

As author, "Spa Girl", a book published in 2008, she also loves to share her knowledge and expertise to educate the public regarding professional skin care services. To further that effort, over the years she has contributed to numerous articles as it pertains to skin care. She further shares her knowledge by writing monthly blogs for her website.