Anti-Aging Facials

Hydralift Facial With Micro Current

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  • 90 Minutes - $140.00

Visibly lifts and improves skin's firmness. Includes eye and neck lift. Results visible after one treatment.


Age Summum Treatment

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  • 90 minutes - $140.00

Regenerates, firms and restores the skin's radiance. Brightens the skin while leaving a youthful glow.

Lift Summum Facial

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  • 90 minutes $140.00

Visibly lifts and tightens the skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Complexion looks hydrated, rejuvenated resulting in a more youthful complexion.


Triple Collagen With Botoxal

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  • 75 minutes - $140.00

This treatments brings elasticity and a lifting effect to the skin while reducing wrinkles and lines. Combines the power of triple active collagen, vitamins and marine botoxal.

Caviar Radiance Treatment

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  •   75 minutes - $145.00

Using caviar extracts, this treatment is proven to tighten and firm the skin while nourishing and re plumping the skin.


Sensitive Skin Treatment With Stem Cells

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  •   75 minutes - $135.00

The unique stem cell blend has the ability to rejuvenate aging skin and replace damaged cells, resulting in a more youthful and radiant appearance.

Hydradermie Facial

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  • 90 minutes - $140.00

This treatment uses galvanic current to deeply penetrate active ingredients into the cellular level. Is customized for hydration, lines/wrinkles, brown spots and redness.


Hydra Lift Deluxe

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  • 120 minutes - $195.00

This treatment combines a gentle skin peel treatment w/ the Hydra Lift Facial for enhanced results. The Peel allows for better penetration of the micro current as well as other products, resulting in radiant, lifted, younger looking skin.

Hydra Peel

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  • 45 minutes - $140.00
  • 3 sessions - $405.00
  • 6 sessions - $630.00

This treatment exfoliates, resurfaces, moisturizes and renews the skin. In addition to minimizing brown spots, texture is smoother with increased radiance while signs of aging disappear.


Black White Facial

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  • 75 minutes - $120.00

Good for all skin types, this multifaceted solution is the latest trend from France. The two masks provide double nourishment and protection while they absorb, smooth and exfoliate simultaneously. A unique combination of the Black and White Masks infuse the skin with powerful antioxidants, volcanic minerals, essential oils, amino acids and vitamins giving the skin a youthful glow.