Our Philosophy

<p>We believe that the health and beauty of the skin and body can be improved with time utilizing natural skin therapies and botanical ingredients on a regular basis, combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle.</p>

<p>We also believe that prevention with consistent professional rejuvenating day spa treatments and proper home care can have lasting, positive effects on the skin and body. Therein, we at Roman Skin and Body Care day spa are committed to the client 100% and will continue to stand by tried and proven methods based on science and the latest research.portrait of young beautiful woman in spa environment, massage with spa herbal balls</p>

<p>There’s nothing more relaxing, more rewarding, more beautifying than a day at Roman Skin and Body Care day spa. Our purpose is to make you feel beautiful and relaxed with our rejuvenating spa treatments and to make each one of your visits a pleasurable experience.</p>

<p>Our warm, and friendly staff , rejuvenating treatments, and our beautiful surroundings make our day spa a great choice for you to unwind. Whether it’s for the entire day, or just one hour, visit us to escape the fast pace of life, to restore your natural beauty and leave with a sense of well-being.</p>

<p>It is the perfect setting for you to discover your own special look and feel of a healthy lifestyle. We are a place where you can relax and enjoy the Roman Skin & Body Care touch.</p>

<p>Our dedication is to you, our client. Roman Skin and Body Care day spa strives to make each of your visits an extraordinarily pleasurable event. Owner, Betty C Roman, is among a select group of estheticians who holds the coveted international CIDESCO Diploma, the highest earned title for estheticians in the world. It stands for a high level of professional education and experience. Her dedication to education has helped raise the standard for Estheticians in North Carolina.</p>