Sun Logic Cream SPF 30

Sun Logic Cream SPF 30

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An advanced sunscreen that prepares the skin before sun exposure and protects it while exposed to the sun, resulting in minimizing the harmful effects of the sun. Fights photo-aging by preserving the skin and protecting it against sunburn. This cream helps prevent aging due to it’s broad-spectrum sun protection, which include ingredients that have anti-aging properties as well.
Additionally, the Sun Logic range protects against Blue Light rays, such as from the T.V., computer, mobile phones, etc.

Skin Type:

All Skin Types

Treatment Type:

Apply as Needed

Key Ingredients

  • Solar Filters – Consists of UVA and UVB filters (Broad Spectrum)
  • Vegetal DNA – Protects the skin against outside aggressors. Absorbs the harmful effects of the UV rays to protect your skin cells from damage. (Contains wheat and seaweed)
  • Elastoprotectin – Extracted from Hamamelis leaves (Witch Hazel Leaf), which helps prevents breakdown of tissues. This is a protein that protects elastin fibers to help prevent wrinkles and skin slackening. Protects from photoaging and from sunburn. Contains Arnica, which helps protect elastin and superficial skin layers as well.
  • Melanin – Derived from vegetables. Absorbs the blue light that we are exposed to from electronic devices. Naturally contains Luteine – an ingredient that is known to protect from blue light and protect against light-induced skin damage. Helps fight premature aging from free-radicals and the sun.