5 Musts for Summer Skin Care

sun-skinSummer will be here before you know it and with the Sun shining down in full effect we can always use extra tips for smart sun protection. Below are the top tips/to-do's I've found to be most effective. Pick the Right Shades Avoid metal frames that can reflect more light onto the tops of the cheeks and nose. Large plastic frames with UVA/UVB blocking lenses are ideal. Cover Up and Touch Up Reapply sunscreen during the day is suggested, but if not an option due to busy work schedules, wear a wide-brimmed hat when headed outside or touch up makeup w/ an SPF 20+ infused mineral powder. Avoid Fragrance Perfume, cologne, and heavily fragranced cosmetic products can increase photosensitivity and hyper-pigmentation. Apply only to areas not exposed to UV radiation. Watch Your Head Apply sunscreen to the ears, hairline, and the scalp, or grab a hat if on the go. Check Expiration Dates Sunscreens expire generally after one year, when the formula's UV filters and their efficacy breaks down. Be wary of buying the family size sunscreens, as product may be wasted if it is tossed yearly. Contact us with any questions you have about your skin, the Sun and best practices. And, of course, you can always book online for a facial or skin treatment specialized for the summer months.