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Best Simple Skin Care Routine for Day and Night

Without a great canvas, it's very difficult for makeup to be all that effective. An emphasis on the best skin care routine rather than makeup is the key to taking care of the face.The following steps will take minutes, but remember to invest in "quality" skin care products, versus quantity, for best results. A good esthetician can recommend products best suited for your skin type and the correct use of them.
  1. Cleansing - Use a foaming cleanser in the morning that is gentle and rinses off easily. At night, use a cleaning oil or milk cleanser.
  2. Toner - The right toner refreshes, smooths and minimizes pores, in addition to adding more hydration and prepping it for serum r moisturizer.
  3. Serum - Choose from hydrating, detoxifying, brightening, or firming, depending on what your skin needs.
  4. Moisturizer - For daytime apply an anti-aging moisturizer followed by tinted moisturizer or foundation w/ SPF. At night, use a moisturizer with glycolic acid (alternating w/ another anti-aging moisturizer) to boost cell renewal and brighten, lighten, and even the skin.
  5. Eye Cream - Apply all the way around the eye with ring finger--and around the lips, as it is extra gentle and hydrating.
  6. Exfoliation - Exfoliate once a week with a gentle exfoliant that removes dead skin cells without irritating the skin.
  7. Protection - You can skip SPF if you are going to be inside all day, otherwise a good quality SPF 30 if you are going to be outside in the sunlight.