Don't Make these top five Skin Care Mistakes

skin-care-mistakesWith so much information/advice out there, everyone can fall prey to making poor choices when it comes to taking care of our skin. Intentions may be good, but when we become too over zealous about taking care of our skin we can sometimes cause more harm than good. Remember, keep it simple: use a few good quality products (preferably recommended by your esthetician), eat healthy, protect from the sun and try to avoid these mistakes! 1) Over exfoliating Overusing exfoliants, particularly granular exfoliants and clarisonic. Best not to use these more than twice a week and for dry skin, only once a week. (Note: clarisonic may be too drying, abrasive for some skin types (i.e., sensitive and dry). 2) Applying face oils to the skin before anti-aging skin care products Everyday we are reading about the benefits of the latest face oil. Europeans have used them for years as a first step in removing make-up before cleansing. But now we are seeing face oils being promoted as anti-aging, skin smoothing products to soften lines and wrinkles when used as a moisturizer. Though that may be the case, if using oils for hydration and anti-aging benefits, use either alone or not at all when applying serums an anti-aging creams to the face. Otherwise these products will not be able to penetrate the skin effectively. 3) Applying Sunscreen Once a Day Expect sunscreens to protect you for two hours. After that you must reapply. We recommend Jane Iredale Powder. For me, I use SPF (powder sunscreen) for all day protection. 4) Failing to Remove Make-up before Bed Remember, your anti-aging skin care products work best when applied at night to a thoroughly cleansed face. Use at night time (during sleep), when the skin repairs itself . 5) Overuse of water with lathering cleansers Too much water used with harsh lathering cleansers can strip the skin, leaving it dull and dehydrated. Even oily skins need gentle cleansing, otherwise it will over produce oil that has been stripped away from frequent use of water on the face with lathering cleansers.