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Enzyme Exfoliation - The Top Five Important Facts

First let me start by saying I believe the best results can be achieved using a subtle approach with the following factors should be taken into consideration: age, skin type and concerns, seasonal and hormonal changes, health, lifestyle and skin care application techniques. Enzyme exfoliation is a plant active based therapy and recommended for sensitive skin types that find AHA's too strong. The benefits of Enzymatic Exfoliation include the following:
  1. Regular exfoliation achieves a smooth and radiant complexion.
  2. Skin treated with enzymatic exfoliation is instantly brightened and smoothed.
  3. There is a mild hydrating and antibacterial effect, making enzymatic exfoliation a good choice for the oily and mature skin.
  4. Exfoliation is known to promote better absorption of skin care products.
  5. Scientific Studies confirm:
    • Regular enzymatic professional treatments over a period of time improve the appearance of skin.
    • Twice daily use for three months of a 15% enzyme serum and moisturizer improve skin appearance.
    • Improvements included changes in skin smoothness and texture, the depth and number of lines, wrinkles, and epidermal and dermal firmness and thickness.
    • The improvements were reported to be similar to results observed with higher concentrations of AHAs.
To summarize, while the skin naturally sheds superficial skin cells, this shedding process slows down with age, and an irregular build-up leads to patches of dull skin and an uneven complexion. Remember that mechanical exfoliators physically remove dead skin cells, chemical and enzymatic exfoliators work on the bonds, which hold the skin together. Exfoliating ezymes remove the dry superficial dull skin cells by digesting the proteins of the stratum corneum into smaller fragments, preventing a build-up. These enzymes can work more gently than AHAs in breaking down the bonds which hold shedding skin cells together and accelerate the skin's natural exfoliation process.