Eye Treatments - The Secret Weapon for a more Youthful Appearance

Oh yes, how we hate those under eye dark circles and bags, not to mention fine lines (crow's feet)! But there is hope without surgery. Profession eye contour treatments, even as a stand alone treatment at the spa, can do wonders to relieve a tired, haggard appearance. Many spa's use them as an add-on service, but some of the more intense eye contour treatments are like a facial for the eyes and deliver excellent results. So, what type of eye treatments are most popular and what kind of results can be achieved.
  1. Micro-current technology combined with a combination of firming and brightening ingredients help to improve fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness, and add a visible lift effect.
  2. A lymphatic drainage massage performed with an eye treatment can aid in thorough drainage and toxin removal, thereby reducing puffiness.
  3. An eye mask w/ smoothing firming ingredients incorporated into the eye contour treatment leaves the skin around the eye area smoother and firmer.
Outside of professional eye treatments, using a good eye cream that reduces puffiness, and hydrates will help keep the eye area looking more youthful.