Facial Massage: The Key Facts

It feels so relaxing, right? But beyond the relaxation benefits, there are other benefits to facial massage that are important.

Emerging science is underpinning the benefits of professional facial massage techniques in fighting the signs of aging. Behind the experience acquired by estheticians over time, there is early evidence that facial massage may help penetration of active ingredients, alleviate skin sagging and optimize energetic pathways in the body. University of California researchers suggested that massaging the skin may influence penetration of active ingredients and should be studied thoroughly to clarify the mechanisms involved. In addition, note the following:
  1. Later studies measuring permeation rates through human skin ex vivo reported that rubbing increases the flux of actives, reduced skin impedance and increased active ingredient retention.
  2. Specific strokes of facial massage facilitate lymphatic flow.
  3. Regular facial massage can prevent sagging of the cheeks and reduce facial lines caused by tension/stress.
  4. Professional facial massage improves tone and strengthens muscle tissue
  5. Professional facial massage improves circulation.