Five Benefits of Cold Compresses versus Warm Compresses

Well lets face it, estheticians rarely hear that "aah" sound from a client when a cold compress is applied during the treatment. But just apply that warm towel and they immediately begin to destress! Whether it's a facial or a massage everyone loves the relaxing effects of a nice warm towel wrapped around the face, neck and shoulders. But facial treatments are about delivering great results, i.e., clearer skin, smaller pores, more even tone and texture, and improving circulation and overall well being. So in order to do that clients need to be educated on the Benefits of Cold Compresses during treatments, be it a Facial or Body Massage. Below are Five Benefits to using cold compresses on the skin. You just might not mind the cooler compresses once you realize their benefits which I've listed below.
  • Reduces Inflamation: Applying cold creates a constrictive response by routing blood circulation to internal compartments causing a reflex a reflex anti-inflammatory reaction.
  • Reduces Congestion: Cold compresses will instigate the transfer of fluids and edema, reducing congestion.
  • Redices Stress: Since the hypothalamus is affected by cold, sending a message to the pituitary gland to release hormones into circulation, this initiates relaxation and reduces stress.
  • Builds the Immune System The immune system is stimulated by cold to increase white blood cells which are specifically designed to combat viruses.
  • Improves the State of well being: Cold compresses offer general conditioning which influences the nervous system.