Lets Talk Moisture

Being properly hydrated is a must all year long and understanding how the skin functions, as well as adopting therapies to introduce and lock moisture into the skin, will help you achieve balanced, hydrated skin all year long. With Winter months soon upon us I will list some key ways to stay hydrated this winter.
  1. Hydrate from within by drinking water. Proper water consumption each day has an immense impact on the health of the skin. Without water the skin will present decreased elasticity, dryness and an inability to properly regenerate itself.
  2. Using hydrating agents to sell water into the skin, such a beneficial oils, are also important. Including oils in daily regimens aids in healthy skin. Without a balanceof oils, we may begin to over-produce oil from our glands, which in turn can lead to breakouts.
  3. Wash gently. Use gentle cleansers and never user aggressive exfoliates, which can lead to the production of excess sebum and breakouts.
  4. Use sunscreen. For the face an SPF of 30 is recommended Unprotected exposure to UV rays can lead to inflammation, burning and peeling that destabilizes the skin's moisture retention mechanisms, leading to dehydration as well as skin damage.
  5. Get professional treatments. An esthetician is an important part of maintaining hydration. Advanced levels of moisture an be infused into your skin through monthly treatments via chemical peels and professional treatments. The treatments will further improve the skin's ability to absorb hydration topical ingredients in daily care products.