An ounce of prevention...Must not be taken lightly

Unfortunately most clients seek out estheticians to correct rather than prevent skin issues from occurring. One treatment is not going to remove years of neglect and damage nor is it going to drastically improve your appearance. Fortunately I've seen the tide turn somewhat as more and more women and men are realizing the importance of preventative maintenance of their skin and they are beginning to take care of their skin at an earlier age. Remember also, that consistent facial treatments can definitely remove some of the damage and most definitely prevent, or slow down the aging process considerably. however, it is a "process" and long term results can be seen over time. In the meantime the following topicals can help prevent damage to the skin and should be incorporated into your home care routine:
  • Sun Protection - Since 90% of aging comes from the sun, daily sunscreen use should be a habit, just like removing makeup.
  • Antioxidants - Antioxidants restore damage that has already taken place and they prevent further damage. These ingredients have been shown to reduce free radical damage, which leads to collagen and elastin breakdown. One of the best is a topical vitamin C recommended by your esthetician.
  • Exfoliation - As we age, skin renews itself less frequently, making the complexion appear dull and sallow. As dead skin builds up the appearance of age spots are more apparent. Your esthetician can recommend manual of chemical exfoliation...The most common chemical exfoliants are AHA's, enzymes, and retinoids
  • Pigment Control - Incorporating a product that prevents and corrects the production of melanin is great. Be aware that certain ingredients, such as hydraquinone, are not meant for long term use.Some good options to help prevent and correct melanin production are kojic acid, and azeliac acid, to name a few.