Smart Tanning

Simple-Home-Remedies-For-Sun-Tanned-Skin.pngWe all love a nice tan, but should you use tanning beds to achieve that initial color before hitting the beach for the first time this summer? The answer is NO, NO, NO!!! Why? Well, for starters, tanning bed rays will cause the skin to wrinkle and hyper pigmentation (i.e., brown spots)...and who wants either of these? Remember, any time you tan your DNA gets damaged; and wrinkles are inevitable because of UV exposure. And to add insult to injury (so to speak), tanning puts you at a higher risk for skin cancer. So what's to do? We all want that sun kissed glow but not at the above health risks. There is actually some good news...healthier alternatives. For immediate results, get a bronzing treatment at the spa. It will leave you exfoliated from head to toe & relaxed, with a beautiful sun kissed glow without the damage. But what if you're heading to the beach for a long vacation? You'll want to make sure to keep sun damage to a minimum. Below are a few solutions to help prevent sun damage:
  • Pre/Post Sun Care - there are actually entire sun care lines devoted solely to pre and post sun care. This way, you can ensure that your skin is protected every step of the way during your prolonged sun exposure.
  • Vitamin Supplements - Europeans have been using these for decades. By taking the right supplements at the right time, you can add this extra "inner" layer of protection.
  • Quality Sunscreen - By using a good quality sunscreen, you'll minimize the harmful rays and let in the most optimal tanning rays.
  • Dress for the Sun - Always wear a hat and UV blocking sunglasses. Make sure you have an umbrella and/or a sun hat to cover your face when you're not wanting to tan.
  • Avoid the Sun During Peak Hours - This is just good ol' fashioned common sense. The Sun is at its most dangerous during peak hours and when you are closest to the Equator. Additionally, be careful in places like Southern California where not only is this the case, but the weather is so mild & dry that you will not even realize you are getting sun!
Remember, it's always better to stop the clock rather than turn it back when it comes to aging. So a little precaution goes a long way toward healthier, younger looking skin as we age. Let us know your favorite sun products (ours are Guinot!) as well as any questions you may have regarding a Bronzing Treatment!