Spring is in the Air/Top beauty trends to look for this Spring

Don't know about you but Spring is my favorite time of year, even though the ushering in of March means yet another birthday and another year older! I will say that even though I feel our overall health has so much to do with how we age, it's also nice to have those great facials and spa treatments to help make us not only feel better, but look younger. With that being said it appears that there will definitely be certain trends to look for this Spring. I narrowed it down to the top beauty trends to look for:
  1. Radiant Skin After you've had a great facial, maintain the look of glowing skin with a BB cream, if you have drier skin, and a tinted moisturizer if your skin is oilier. Illuminators and hi-liters can be added to tops of cheekbones for a hint of shimmer.
  2. Looking effortless Keep makeup to a minimum but use a bronzer as the key product in your makeup routine.
  3. Natural, textured brows Brow powders create a more natural effect, pencils provide a sharper appearance, and tinted gels add texture for those with sparser brows.
  4. Eyeliner that is easy to blend/smudge A simple swipe on the upper lash line, followed by mascara.
  5. Lip colors It's either "classic red", or a variation on Pink, be it a rosy pink, or neutral pink, and lips are neither too matte or glossy.