Summer Waxing Tips

Waxing, when performed correctly by a licensed esthetician, can result in baby smooth skin for weeks with no itching, stubble, or irritation that shaving can sometimes cause. While we see an increase in body waxing services during the summer months, it's recommended that you continue waxing year round for best long term results. Below are some tips to consider to enhance your waxing experience:
  1. Since hair grows in different cycles, hair is usually removed during the catagen and telogen cycles, as these types of hairs have broken through the skin and no longer adhere to the wax as easily. Therefore, regular waxing services encourages hair to grow on the same cycle.
  2. It can take from four to seven consistent treatments, at monthly intervals, to achieve consistent results.
  3. When hair starts to come back in, it will be softer, finer, lighter. Over time, with consistent waxing, less and less hair comes back in.
  4. Best results are achieved (including minimal discomfort) with a good quality wax, proper technique, and a well trained, experienced esthetician.
  5. Ingrown hairs should not occur if the esthetician is removing the hair from the root and following proper waxing technique. However, for first time clients who have been shaving for a long time or have very coarse hair, an occasional ingrown hair can appear. There is a product that can be applied to the skin to gently rid the body of these occasional ingrown hairs.