Tired Eyes? The True Culprits behind Tired Eyes

Yes, we all know that the eyes are the window to the soul and the first thing people notice on the face. It can also play a role in a person's first impression and no one wants to look hung over, sleep deprived, or just tired. You can spend time applying makeup expertly, even reaching for that under eye concealor, which helps but they never quite live up to their claims. Or you can hope that eye cream will magically erasing dark circles and puffiness, plus rid the eye area of crow's feet! It's important to understand that The tired look we dread is the result of a multitude of causes. Some facts for you to know are listed below:
  1. The purplish or blue shadowing under the eyes is hereditary. Sleep will not change this. It is more common in people with deep set eyes or of middle eastern decent.
  2. Congestion in and around the eyes can be a result of not entirely removing eye makeup or cleansing thoroughly before bed, sleeping with mascara on. Always use a gentle eye makeup remover for cleaning the delicate eye are (I recommend "Guinot Express Yeux" makeup remover, which also has anti-aging properties to smooth and firm the eye area.
  3. Puffiness can be caused by excess fluid retention in the surrounding tissues. Overnight fluids can accumulate from lack of blinking (blinking is like exercise for the eyes). Starring at digital screens over a long period of time can also contibute to puffiness.
  4. Nasal allergies also contribute to darkness underneath the eyes when the tissues become congested, making it more difficult for blood to flow.
  5. Fine lines are experienced by an estimated 94% of people experiencing premature aging signs around the eyes. The common cause for these lines is UV exposure. In addition muscles beneath the sin grow weaker as we age, causing the upper eyelid to become weak and droop. Fine lines and creases then appear making the eyes look tired, sleep, or worse, sad!
There is help however. A good eye cream recommended by your esthetician is a must, as well as a professional eye contouring treatment to decongest, smooth out fine lines and revitalize the eye area. A good eye treatment can do wonders and can be added on to most facials or performed separately.