Top 5 Best Tips to Treat Hyper-pigmentation

We all hate them, right? Those little (and sometimes large) brown spots that seem to appear out of nowhere, mostly on the face and upper body. We know by now that the sun and aging only makes them worse, but getting rid of them and preventing more can be challenging but not impossible. Your esthetician can jump-start the process with light skin peels in the spa as well as vitamin C facial treatments. These treatments lighten gradually without any negative effects. Of course, there are many different causes for hypermentation and your esthetician will teach you how to correct uneven pigment and prevent further development, which is just as important. Some common reasons for hyperpigmentation include loss of melanin, cystic acne or psoriasis, age spots, and liver spots. A blend of therapies is usually the best approach. This includes professional brightening treatments in the spa as well as recommended products for home care, and prevention. I hope you find the following tips/information helpful in dealing with this problem:
  1. Be wary of formulas containing harsh chemicals. Some hyperpigmentation serums can be overpowering and can even make the condition worse over time.
  2. Use product ingredients that reduce inflammation and slow the production of melanin, such as a tyrosinase inhibitor, which interrupts the transfer of melanin between the melanocyte and keratinocyte.
  3. Use antioxidant ingredients such as black elder, licorice, chamomile and vitamin C, as they prevent oxidation and improve the efficiency of melanin-inhibiting ingredients.
  4. Use quality products for home care that have clinically proven results, usually derived from a quality spa or skin care clinic.
  5. Always, always wear a good quality sunscreen for prevention.