Top 5 Make-up Tips to Turn Back the Clock

Did you know that a study showed women of all ages that had minimal contrast (meaning little color difference in the lip, eye area and skin) looked the oldest from those having more contrast? Having said this, makeup need not be dramatic either. In fact it shouldn't be, as too much contrast can look heavy and spotlight fine lines and wrinkles.
We all want to look younger, more youthful, right? Well it goes without saying that the process begins by taking care of your skin (i.e., professional facials, quality products for home care, healthy diet/lifestyle, etc.), but did you know that make-up, applied properly, with the right technique, colors, can be like the "icing on the cake"? It can actually make your good skin look even better, all while providing another layer of protection from environmental elements. Mineral makeup is especially good for the skin, but especially sensitive. However, no matter what cosmetics you use, these tips can apply to help turn back the clock even more for a more youthful appearance.
1) Foundation/Base
There are many different formulas from tinted moisturizers to liquids, creams, mineral powders, all ranging from sheer to medium to full coverage. It's best to go with a creamy, luminous foundation that evenly matches the skin on your lower cheeks. Then blend with a damp sponge or foundation brush by gently stippling the product in. The aim is to glow without looking too shiny.
2) Eyes/lashes
Choose a pencil or gel eyeliner and apply a close to the upper lash line as possible, winging the liner slightly upward. Avoid liner on lower lashes or rather opt for a softer, lighter shade. Stay with a pencil liner for lower lashes. A medium bronze eye shadow in the crease will help replace definition to the eye contour. Follow with a champagne hue on the lids. Finish with a coat of black mascara, avoiding the lower lashes as this will look too harsh.
3) Cheeks
It's best to go with a cream or gel blush. This brings a youthful, fresh glow back to the skin. Avoid applying blush too close to the center of the face, but rather place on the highest point of your cheekbones, two inches below the eye's outer corner - dab blush below that point and blend toward the hairline. If using bronzer (this is optional), sweep a light tan bronzer along the top of your hairline, temples, then under cheekbones.
4) Eyebrows
First of all, the goal is "defined", not "dark". Brows should complement the face and not stand out. Think of them as a frame for the face. A professional brow wax is an affordable service that, when performed correctly, can make a big improvement in one's overall appearance. However, should you be on any acne medications, retin-a, or retinol's the skin most likely will be too sensitive for waxing. If brows, are sparse, however you will still need to fill in sparse spots with a taupe pencil, if fair, and rich brown pencil if your complexion is deeper. Add extra to the tail end of brows as they tend to thin out with age. A professional brow tint at the spa can last three to four weeks and is recommended for light brows or brows with gray.
5) Lips
Lip liner is a must as lips tend to get smaller and paler over time, as well as their border starts to become less defined. Trace the lip line with a pencil shade that closely matches the lips, then fill in. A medium rose is a flattering shade for anyone with light to medium skin. For darker skins, try a red-to red plum shade. Go over the lip pencil with a sheer moisturizing lipstick. Also, a slight sheen helps to visually plump up the lips. Again a slight sheen, not too shiny or glossy please!