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Top 5 Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Spa Body Treatment

Body Wraps are probably one of the most underrated services a spa provides. However, those who receive this wonderful service soon realize the many benefits to the skin as well as the mind/body/spirit. Not only do you get the benefits (and there are many) of smooth glowing skin, but the relaxation aspects of a massage as well. With most body wraps a massage service can be added on for double the relaxation! Think of it like a "Turkish Bath" experience, but with a softer touch. Body Wraps contain a careful mix of ingredients that are designed to draw out the excess fluids and toxins while restoring nutrients to the body.

Now for the Top 5 reasons why everyone should receive body treatments/wraps on a regular basis, just like facials and massages as part of an overall wellness program.

1) Detoxifying

Once your body has been exfoliated and wrapped in an herbal solution, the body reacts by detoxifying and purging toxins through the lymphatic system Removing all the dead skin allows the skin to breath and moisturizers to penetrate more thoroughly.

2) Cellulite Reduction

Superficial cellulite is simply trapped fat, impurities and fluid that is circulated and flushed out w/ certain body wraps. The end result is firmer smoother thighs, upper arms, or wherever the product is applied.

3) Energizes

While most wraps are relaxing, there are others that give an invigorating feeling instead. These wraps increase circulation, which is energizing. You will be tingly and that comes from the natural ingredients used in these type of wraps, such as paprika and cinnamon for example.

4) Sunburn-Soothing

A seasonal sunburn-soothing wrap may be just what you need during those hot susmmer months. In addition to improving the skin's elasticity, , other ingredients, such as minerals, and marine extracts heal sun-damaged skin and prevent wrinkles. Botanical coconut oil is often used and is readily absorbed and rejuvenates dry, flaky skin leaving behind the scent of paradise.

5) Anti-Aging/Skin Firming

One secret ingredient in toning, firming wraps is Tiger's grass. There are others but this plant, for instance, helps boost collagen production to improve the firmness of the skin. It also helps to redensify the skin by laying down fundamental substances, which is critical in maintaining the moisture and hydration of the skin.