Top Five Differences in the French Woman's Approach to Skin Care versus the American Woman

Veteran celebrity esthetician, Renee Rouleau, recently did a study while visiting Paris. She interviewed many french estheticians, received many facials while there and spoke with many french women about their approach to skin care and this is what she discovered:
  1. French women rarely alter their natural appearance. They rarely change or alter their natural hair color, except to cover gray hair. They rarely opt for plastic surgery or embrace injectables or fillers as American's have.
  2. French Women get facials often and begin when young, age 18 to 35. The French have both invented and perfected the art of the facial and getting regular monthly facials is part of their culture. There are countless facial boutiques in France and french women both believe in facials and love getting them to keep their skin healthy and looking its best. And it's not uncommon for a french woman to even get facials every week! In the U.S. while facials are popular, the average American woman might only get a facial several times a year.
  3. For many French Estheticians, Microdermabrasion is a no no. Many french estheticians never embraced microdermabrasion technology because it seemed too harsh on the skin and french estheticians are all about being gentle. Even AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids) aren't as popular in France as they are in the U.S,
  4. French Women seldom wear sunscreen or stay out of the sun. The concept of staying out of the sun and always wearing sunscreen hasn't really caught on with the french. Many french women still love to go to the beach and get a tan. However since UV exposure from the sun is the #1 cause of aging, this isn't working in their favor. After every facial Renee received in France not one esthetician ever applied sunscreen as a final step in the facial.
  5. French skin is lacking a glow. Many french women still smoke and those who don't are exposed to second-hand smoke in cafes and bars and by virtue of being around friends or family. You will rarely find a skin care professional or staff member in a spa or skin care clinic smoking in the U.S.....thank goodness!
In conclusion, facials and skin care procedures are all helpful in the quest for healthy, beautiful skin. But what you do to your skin every day at home plays an even bigger part. French women are willing to invest more on skin care products because they understand the role they play in preserving their natural beauty for years to come. If you worked out with a personal trainer four times a week but then ate junk food at home, would your body really be that healthy? No! Using good quality products at home, products that are exclusively formulated for your skin type, and practicing good skin care habits is essential.