Top Five Reasons to Invest in Professional Facial Treatments

We all want the same thing, that being healthy, young looking skin, right? And although there are many product claims promising to miraculously transform your skin by applying these miracle creams and serums we all know that at best you will see a slight improvement and worse case, no improvement at all! So does that mean we should not bother investing in a good, quality product for daily skin maintenance? No, absolutely not. However, product alone will never give the same result as a regular professional facials. Below are the top five reasons why investing in regular professional facial treatments is recommended. Your esthetician can advise as to the type of treatments and frequency. Ideally monthly facials are recommended for best results for almost everyone, however, consistency is the key and receiving a treatment ever 6 to 8 weeks or once every three months will still deliver some long term benefits and slow down the aging process.
  1. Deep cleans the pores making them appear smaller over time.
  2. Provides safe, deep exfoliation to help increase cell turnover and provide skin rejuvenation
  3. Helps even out skin tone resulting in a brighter more youthful appearance as age spots and hyper pigmentation are reduced, as well as redness.
  4. Over time, eliminates fine lines and reduces the appearance of wrinkles by plumping up the skin through deep hydration, and helps prevent new lines from forming, thus providing an alternative to fillers.
  5. Restores balance to the skin by correcting dryness, dehydration, oiliness, redness, etc. thus allowing the skin to function in a normal healthy manner. This results in less breakouts.
There are many other benefits to receiving regular professional treatments and these are just a few, but the key is "regular" Those who do invest in professional treatments will be rewarded with compliments from friends and loved ones for years to come. You will also need less products to maintain as a result of regular facial treatments. Products for home care should be quality, but simple, i.e., cleanser, toner, moisturizer. Serums, eye creams masks may be added for additional benefits. And less not forget the bonus of how relaxing and de-stressing a professional facial can be!