Top Seven Tips to Avoid Dehydrated Skin

DehydratedLet's talk about dehydrated skin first. To most women, dry or dehydrated skin looks like normal skin. In our constant battle against oil, the message now is that shiny skin is oily skin. So when people don't notice any shine, they think it's a good thing. However, symptoms of both dry and dehydrated skin can be very similar and it might be difficult to spot the difference quickly. Dry or dehydrated skin affects both the face and body, and can be present in both men and women, although it is most prevalent in mature women. Remember, Dehydrated skin can be prevented, while dry skin needs to be managed. Now for the Best tips to avoid/correct dehydrated skin: 1) Avoid using harsh soaps and over-cleansing the skin. 2) Avoid prolonged exposure to excessively dry hot or cold weather without adequate moisture protection. 3) Avoid using skin care containing low molecular weight, alcohol (particularly in toners and serums). 4) Avoid excessive tanning and exposure to UVA and UVB rays. 5) Avoid not staying hydrated enough. 6) Eat healthy. 7) Always use good moisturizing products.