Why We Love Eucalyptus

Besides the wonderful smell of eucalyptus, for over 200 years eucalyptus has been used for healing in traditional chinese and ayurveda. There a many uses for eucaplyptus and it is popular in spa's for use in aromatherapy massage as well as body treatments. Below, however, are some practical applications for eucalyptus that you can enjoy at home.
  1. Place bowls of eucalyptus leaves in your room for purification.
  2. Mix eucalyptus oil with equal parts peppermint oil and white vinegar and apply to acneic skin to soothe.
  3. Add a few leaves to the bath to relieve the pain of sprains, strains and muscle tension, and increase circulation.
  4. Hang several branches in the bathroom as the scent is uplifting and stimulating and therefore stress relieving.